Monday, April 20, 2015

Craigslist Flagging Service

Kill your Competition and Make MORE MONEY.. !!

You know there is a huge profit potential on craigslist but some times it makes it difficult to compete because there are lot of competitors. You can simply use our services to flag and remove your competitor get more views to your ads and make more money ! And yes by flag we mean ” remove” so our service is 100%  guaranteed.

  • Someone is Harassing you on  Craigslist ?
  • They use your personnel information, TITLES and spam about you?
  • Do you want a reliable flagging service to remove your competitor ads ?

  • Use our Professional Craigslist Flagging Service! We can bite your competitor by flag & remove their ads . So Low Competitor Much profit 
     We have team members in different stats of US and through the country. After you order, we send email to our team members and they flag your ad with in couple of minutes and we only charge you once your ad is totally removed from Craigslist !
    Looking for  Craigslist flagging software? There are such tool in the market and additionally you will have to use proxies and other additional services, which can cost you a lost of money and frankly most of the softwares are outdated and they don’t work anymore.  We Flag your competitor ads manually. Our guarantee, You’ll increase your revenue by using our services simply removing your competition from  Craigslist.
    We provide high quality craigslist flagging service  ! You’ll only be charged for the ads flagged. You’ll get a complete report in excel spread sheet of flagged ads.

    • Unlimited Number of ads to Flag
    • 24/7 Costumer Support.
    • Big discount on Weekly, Monthly contracts
     Our Service only start from $10.00!  You can order sample one ad to start with and if you are satisfied, you can order more. If you are even thinking about doing business on craigslist, you’ll want this service to increase your revenue and literally kill your competition on Craigslist.